Optimising Cash and Liquidity Management in Europe

Canadian-headquartered component manufacturer Linamar has grown substantially in recent years, extending its business operations from North America into Europe and Asia. Linamar has a publicly stated objective to become a $10bn company through double digit annual sales growth by continuing to build on its significant growth over recent years. This expansion has led to greater complexity in its cash and treasury management operations.

Consequently Linamar’s Group Treasury, based in Canada, is taking a three-tiered approach to enhancing visibility and control over cash, maximising liquidity and optimising investment decision.

Key Points

  • Treasury organisation
  • Addressing transaction banking and liquidity in Europe
  • Appointing a pan-European bank
  • Project progress and success to date
  • Project context and future plans


Written by

Terry Haynes
Director of Treasury
Linmar Corporation

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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