Against the Odds: Removing Barriers to Optimising Liquidity

At BNP Paribas' recent Cash Management University (CMU), Vinci Finance International, Holcim Ltd and DFDS each described recent projects that they had undertaken to optimise liquidity, either regionally or globally. Companies of all sizes are very aware of the value of liquidity; however, implementing a regional or global liquidity management strategy can appear particularly challenging in companies with a decentralised organisationals structure.

As these three companies experiences illustrate, however, companies with differing degrees of centralisation have comparable opportunities to optimise liquidity, so long as treasurers seek to deliver value at both a group and subsidiary level.

Key Points

  • Strategic importance of liquidity management
  • A compelling value proposition
  • Proactive project communication
  • Removing organisational barriers


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International



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