Globalizing Cash Management at Roche

Since 2005, Roche has been working on a major project to transform its decentralized cash management operations into a global in-house banking organisation with a focus on centralization and standardization. Roche is one of the largest healthcare companies in the world and market leader in key therapeutic areas such as oncology, virology, anaemia and transplantation as well as in biotechnology and diagnostics.

With operations in over 150 countries, Roche’s aim was to develop a cash management solution which provides the best possible efficiencies from a corporate treasury perspective whilst ensuring that the needs of all internal business partners were managed.

Key Points

  • The Global Cash Management project
  • Headquarter v. affiliate requirements
  • Harmonized in- & outbound banking interfaces
  • Cash pooling
  • Internal FX hedging and settlement
  • Harmonizing interfaces
  • Project progress and the future for Roche's global cash management



Written by

Martin Schlageter
Head of Treasury Operations
F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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