Deregulation Drives Change in Liquidity Management in China

Hewlett Packard’s presence in China dates back to 1985 with the establishment of the first Sino-US joint venture and now comprises seven legal entities that include sales and IT services, financial services, manufacturing and research and development, and a global delivery operation centre.

Liquidity management, however, was heavily regulated, particularly with respect to cash pooling and foreign currency cross-border payments, and repatriation of cash back to Hewlett Packard’s US parent.

Key Points

  • The trend towards deregulation
  • Liquidity management model and challenges of the past
  • Newly announced policies indicating more flexibility
  • Liquidity management roadmap in China


Written by

Angela Hao
Treasurer - China
Hewlett Packard Company

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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