Back to the Future: a New Generation of TMS

We have entered into a new world with a new 'normality'. Treasurers need more adapted IT solutions to respond to the new requirements of e-level management. This technological evolution toward TiM(R)S (Treasury intelligence Management Risk Systems) is also crucial to comply with new regulations.

Treasurers need to contribute more to the decision-making process with their strong financial expertise and new generation IT solutions. Treasurers have undoubtably become strategic partners of CEOs and CFOs.

Key Points

  • A new order, a new world
  • Gaining greater visibility
  • Emergence of a new, bigger players - a sort of mini-ERP
  • Identifying existing risks and making people aware of them


Written by

François Masquelier
Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers
RTL Group



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