Have You Caught the Cash Management Bug?

Cash management has been steadily climbing the list of priorities in recent years for banks and corporate treasurers alike. No longer is transaction services, of which cash management is a major element, the drab sister to its more glamorous corporate finance or investment siblings. For banks, cash management represents a reliable revenue stream that is less impacted by market volatility than other areas of activity and a vital opportunity to secure long term relationships with corporate customers.

For corporates, efficient, reliable cash management is essential to the running of the business, and key drivers of working capital. It is also valuable ancillary business to build secure relationships with financing banks. Here the Editor speaks to several industry experts and looks at some of the cash management trends amongst multinational corporations - both globally and regionally.

Key Points

  • A competitive offering
  • European priorities
  • No respite in the Americas
  • A proactive approach in Asia
  • Modernising and harmonising
  • The leapfrog effect
  • The China imperative
  • Integrated strategies


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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