Europe's Mid-Market Explores New Funding Sources

The funding landscape for European mid-market businesses is changing rapidly. As banks deleverage across Europe, the treasury and finance departments of mid-market companies – defined as companies with revenues between €100m and €1.5bn and outstanding debt between €50m and €500m – must look outside traditional banking relationships to secure funding for growth.

And as yields in credit markets have recently been at record lows, investors’ appetite for this emerging asset class has never been greater. Yet despite a small amount of progress, a cohesive pan-European funding market remains elusive.

Key Points

  • A crucial sector for regional economies
  • Alternative funding avenues are emerging
  • Private placement markets provide stability
  • Bond platforms on exchanges are developing
  • Pan-European funding markets remain vital, but elusive


Written by

Alexandra Dimitrijevic
Managing Director, Paris
Standard & Poor's Rating Services



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