How Treasury Centralisation Creates Value at Bonduelle

Bonduelle is a company with a strong commitment to its staff and customers, integrity and excellence across everything that it does. Treasury has a key role in supporting the company in fulfilling its objectives and enabling our businesses to focus on customer engagement and satisfaction, therefore it should not be considered as a back-office function. Consequently, we have a centralised treasury function that is structured to support the business and deliver value.

This article outlines some of the ways in which we have achieved this so far, and some of our current and future plans.

Key Points

  • Bonduelle’s treasury acts as an in-house bank, conducting all cash and treasury requirements on behalf of the group
  • Its payment factory has been expanded to incorporate a ‘payments-on-behalf-of’ model which supports 42 of the 60+ group entities
  • Foreign currency risk management covers some 13 currencies, with currency risk hedged annually
  • Financing and refinancing are important treasury activities and Bonduelle is active in finding new markets for refinancing


Written by

Alexis Wattinne
Director of Finance and Treasury



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