Shifting Sands of International Trade

One topic we have been exploring recently in TMI is the shift in trading routes between western economies to north-south trade and latterly south-south trade i.e., trade across countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. As is commonly discussed, growth in China and other ‘emerging’ economies, the more extensive effects of the global financial crisis on western economies, and ongoing volatility in the Eurozone have all contributed to this shift.

However, it is not only companies headquartered in southern economies that are benefiting from changing trade patterns. Instead, the distinction between North American and European multinationals and those headquartered in Asia or Latin America is becoming more blurred, and all companies should be leveraging these opportunities.

Key Points

  • Links and synergies
  • Responding to the global challenge
  • Diversification of global risk


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International

Cash & Liquidity Management Series (44 articles)


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