An Analysis of Treasury Outsourcing

All finance professionals will be aware of the enhanced importance and value to treasury operations since the chaos of the global financial crisis first struck in 2008. An effective treasury operation helps to secure a commercial organisation's operations against the uncertainties caused by poor cash visibility, imprecise liquidity, the questionable availability of funding, inaccurately hedged currency and interest rate risks, and poorly quantifies exposures to counterparties. Poor performances in these core treasury disciplines can - and has - led to companies incurring unnecessary losses, and to the restriction of business activities - and, in extreme cases, to the failure of the business itself.

This article examines various aspects of corporate treasury outsourcing. It is designed to help Finance Directors to evaluate the benefits that outsourcing might bring to their organisation, and to identify some of the key issues that must be addressed when selecting an outsourcing partner.

Key Points

  • Scalability - the value of outsourcing treasury vs in-house alternatives
  • Applying your unique treasury policy
  • Access to timely and accurate treasury reporting
  • Technology for treasury best practice
  • Risk management
  • The treasury outsourcing decision


Written by

Hennie de Klerk

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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