Making the Tough Choices

Following the acquisition of Alcan in 2007, treasury needed to re-evaluate and integrate its processes and organisation in order to achieve its strategic and operational objectives. At that time, we had five treasury centres, but we recognised the potential to rationalise these centres, and streamline processes more effectively across the group.

Although the new group had a large and in some ways disparate treasury organisation, it was possible to identify and leverage the most efficient processes from within the Alcan and Rio Tinto legacy businesses. We also needed to rationalise our treasury team, whilst ensuring that there was sufficient scope for managing project work as well as daily activities.

Key Points

  • After Rio Tinto acquired Alcan in 2007 it needed to rationalise its entire treasury operation
  • Six specific challenges were identified and the solutions are described
  • The changes often required hard choices and decisions, but have transformed treasury into an efficient and transparent business function
  • The authors outline some of the lessons learned during the process


Written by

Karin Amacher
Treasury Director, Cash Management
Rio Tinto

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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