Streamlining Confirmation Matching at Thomas Cook

The Thomas Cook Group was formed in 2007 as a result of the merger between Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group plc. One of the outcomes of this was that the Group Treasury function, which has primary responsibility for risk management and financing, moved from Thomas Cook’s former headquarters in Germany to the UK.

Front office is based in London and back office in Peterborough. In addition, the group has five regional treasury centres that report to local CFOs. In recent years, Group Treasury has undergone substantial change and enhancement, one element of which has been the replacement of its confirmation matching system.

Key Points

  • Following the completion of the merger which formed the Thomas Cook Group, the group changed banking partners
  • This necessitated finding a replacement confirmation matching system
  • After assessing various systems, Misys’ Confirmation Matching System, CMS, was selected
  • The article outlines the significant benefits CMS has brought including the ability to manage confirmations on an exception basis and a comprehensive audit trail


Written by

Annabel Farlow
Group Treasury Projects Manager
Thomas Cook

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