Implementing Technology to De-risk Treasury

AstraZeneca has a centralised approach to treasury management, with a team of 12 based in London. As the company has grown through merger and acquisition, treasury has had to be highly efficient and agile in order to manage additional volumes and risks.

In addition to responsibility for cash, liquidity and market risk management, we also provide invoice factoring, including credit terms of up to 12 months, which adds further to the complexity of our treasury activities.

Key Points

  • Astra Zeneca decided to install a new treasury management system, as its current TMS was unsatisfactory
  • After evaluating several systems, SunGard’s AvantGard Quantum was selected, and implementation began in March 2011
  • This has proved highly satisfactory with new, reliable processes, considerable savings in time and a general improvement in the culture and atmosphere of the treasury department
  • The study emphasises the importance of the client/vendor relationship and outlines Astra Zeneca’s plans to invest in system upgrades and new functionality


Written by

Patricia Greenfield
Head of Treasury Operations
Astra Zeneca

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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