Transforming Treasury Technology at Bombardier

A flagship project to facilitate corporate and treasury strategy at Bombardier Transportation Group was the implementation of FIS’ Quantum 6 treasury management system. Discover how implementation was successfully completed after a steep learning curve for the project team.

Key Points

  • Bombardier Transportation decided in 2013 to replace its TMS system, by that time nearly 20 years old, with a new system capable of supporting its current treasury requirements, including the demands of IFRS 9
  • After a rigorous selection process FIS’s web-based Quantum 6, capable of hosting the solution in a secure, private, cloud-based environment, was chosen
  • User training for Bombardier’s 375 users across different locations was a priority
  • Implementation was successfully completed in summer 2016, after a steep learning curve for the project team, who are continuing to explore the advanced capabilities of the system and to create new report templates


Written by

Susana Aristizabal

Bombardier Transportation Financial Services

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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