Blazing a Funding Transparency Trail

In the world of global philanthropy, financial transparency is the holy grail. When Pathfinder International heard about a solution that would allow tracking of donor funds from initial receipt down to in-country usage at the click of a button, it was a no-brainer. Linda DeNicola, CFO at Pathfinder International, explains.

Key Points

  • As an NGO receiving around $100m plus annually, Pathfinder International is keen to be able to demonstrate to donors that it operates transparently, with a high proportion of donor funds going directly to recipients
  • Sunlight Payments, a cloud-based digital payments solution that provides NGOs with a secure, private, and fully-traceable service for delivering aid to low to middle income countries, approached Pathfinder to pilot the solution
  • Tanzania and Uganda were chosen for the initial trials, which proved highly successful
  • The author outlines the significant benefits of the platform to Pathfinder and its donors and will continue to work with Sunlight Payments and help to develop the platform

Written by

Linda DeNicola

Pathfinder International

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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