Worldpay’s Fast-Track to Technology Excellence

There is often discussion about how technology can have a transformative impact on treasury, but in many cases, this simply refers to managing existing processes more efficiently or effectively. In Worldpay’s case, with a relatively new treasury function that has had to deal with enormous change within both the business and the environment in which it operates, the effect truly has been transformational.

Not only has the treasury team been able to manage the growing scale and complexity of the organisation, but it also continues to leverage technology to add value to the business in new ways.

Key Points

  • Worldpay set up a small treasury team in 2011-12, following its spin-off from RBS in 2010, and after a series of M&A activities and the acquisition of subsidiaries the treasury team has grown significantly to manage the company’s increasingly complex requirements
  • New EU rules on interchange necessitated a new entity in Amsterdam and triggered the search for a TMS to manage, among other things, relationships with between 50 and 60 large banks
  • Kyriba was chosen, and the author describes the many benefits to Worldpay from its flexibility, including greatly improved visibility and control over accounts

Written by

Chris McLoughlin


Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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