Going Dutch: Willis Towers Watson’s New Global Treasury Centre in the Netherlands

Following the merger between Willis and Towers Watson, the newly created Willis Towers Watson found itself in 2016 with a set of legal entities in various jurisdictions that were used for treasury transactions by the two legacy companies. It was obviously not an effective structure for the future of Willis Towers Watson, and we felt that a single, new entity was required to absorb and consolidate treasury activities from around the combined company. Our vision was for the new treasury entity to deliver a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and to further create a more unified treasury operation that can provide service to all of the company’s affiliates world-wide. The new entity would also improve the visibility and transparency of the treasury function.

Key Points

  • Choosing the Netherlands
  • Infrastructure, credit rating, language, prior relationships
  • Moving work streams that are not location-dependent
  • The tasks that must be done in order to carry out a opening a global treasury centre on this scale

Written by

Christof Nelischer
Global Group Treasurer
Willis Towers Watson

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