Looking Beyond Cash Flow: A Fresh Approach to KPIs

Treasurers are measured by the performance of the company’s treasury function, often through complex and extensive KPIs. At Hilton they have instituted a fresh approach enabling them to look beyond lower level KPIs to measure performance at a strategic level.

Key Points

  • Corporate events over a number of years including the merger of Hilton and Hilton International, the acquisition of Hilton by Blackstone, an IPO and spin-offs elevated the position of Hilton’s treasury within the business and prompted a wide-ranging overhaul of the treasury’s functions
  • Fundamental principles behind the consequent treasury transformation included focus on real-time data, getting the right skills and resources and expansion and refinement of processes and capabilities
  • The value of KPIs was of particular importance and Hilton stripped back the number of KPIs which it monitors and aligns them closely with corporate strategy and C-suite priorities
  • Together these changes have allowed the company to elevate treasury performance measurement to prioritise and spend more time on its core purpose

Written by

Fred Schacknies
Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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