The Next Treasury Chapter at HeidelbergCement

From acquisitions to evolving cash pooling strategy, David Flory, Head of Group Cash Management, HeidelbergCement brings us up to date on how his treasury’s priorities have evolved in the last 3 years.

Key Points

  • The growth of HeidelbergCement since the author’s last article in TMI in 2014 has led to the company reviewing and revising its cash pooling strategy, and in some cases appointing new partner banks
  • The acquisition of Italcementi in 2016 posed new challenges as the two treasuries are integrated involving complex technical and financial reorganisation
  • With over 300 banks and more than 2,500 bank accounts in 3,000 locations across 60 countries, KYC and compliance requirements are particularly demanding
  • A banking panel provides new ideas and solutions and treasury focuses on ensuring that changes in technology are implemented in all its country organisations

Written by

David Flory
Head of Group Cash Management

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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