Innovation in Cash Management - an Overview of the 2016 Cash Management University

A publication containing the following cash management insights:


Innovation in Cash Management - Foreword
Alain Papiasse

Enablers and Challengers: The Rise of Fintech
Helen Sanders

Transforming European Cash Management at Estée Lauder Companies
Bart Taeymans

The Birth of Blockchain
Philippe Denis

Virtual Cards Become a Reality
Ludovic Velasco-Martinez

Time for Instant Payments?
Francis De Roeck

Big Data: Addressing the Corporate Treasury Data Challenge
Andre Casterman

A Connected Approach to Mobile Banking
Steven Lenaerts

Introducing SWIFTgpi (global payments initiative)
Stanley Wachs

Dividing the Business, Consolidating the Value
Michel Verholen

In-house Banking: The Ultimate Treasury Centralisation Model?
Raffi Basmadjian

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Edited By: 

  Helen Sanders: 

Editor of Treasury Management International (TMI)