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In 2008 Celesio AG Head Office used an accounting software, which was coming towards the end of its life, and a treasury management software that did not support the increasing reporting requirements for example connected to IFRS 7. We decided to move from these two stand-alone applications to an integrated SAP solution.

Celesio AG implemented its first treasury management system (TMS) in 2004 when the group-wide financing and hedging tasks were concentrated at the head office and in our Dutch finance vehicle, Celesio Finance B.V. This TMS was a stand-alone solution, as was the accounting software used at that time at the head office. The interface between these two systems was a daily paper trail. Even though we started to leverage further possibilities such as the download of deal data from 360 T, we realised that this TMS was not able to cover our increasing risk management and reporting requirements.

Key Points

  • The task
  • The solution
  • Implementation
  • XBAM
  • Outlook

Written by

Andreas Sowa
Head of Corporate Treasury
Celesio AG

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