Lufthansa's Flight to Payments Quality

Lufthansa Group embarked on an ambitious project to achieve visibility and control over group liquidity across its 540 global entities. Find out their methods to centralise, harmonise and standardise payment processing.

Key Points

  • In 2011 Lufthansa, which had a large number of bank accounts and a centralised payment processing function which was unable to meet the needs of the wider group, carried out a preliminary study into the feasibility of implementing a payment factory
  • After evaluating different solutions, the company chose Hanse Orga as its payment factory systems provider, with the object of building a bank-independent hub connecting its in-house systems with its banks and centralising processes for outgoing vendor payments
  • The author describes the implementation of the project with co-operation between Lufthansa, Hanse Orga and the airline’s banking partners, and how it is being rolled out to Lufthansa’s worldwide operations. While the project is still in progress, it has already achieved considerable success including the migration to automated, controlled and consistent payment processes and to SEPA payments

Written by

Carlos Scheeren


Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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