e-BAM: a Banking Connectivity Fantasy?

e-BAM is an acronym that conceals plenty of mysteries for many treasurers. Is it a fantasy or a true message type that will really be in use in the short term? e-BAM or BAM to be more exact at the time of speaking.

Let us take the mystery out of this concept by defining the outlines and the challenges of this coming era in the banking relationship.

Key Points

  • e-BAM, bang!
  • More than just a fashion item
  • The complexity of managing bank accounts
  • Mismatch in supply and demand
  • Four years on
  • Any volunteers to go first?
  • The merits of e-BAM
  • Fashion or a worthwhile project?

Written by

François Masquelier
Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers
RTL Group

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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