Building Capacity across the Treasury Grid

National grid company Swissgrid was faced with the challenge familiar to many treasury departments: multiple bank connections and standards, and lack of process automation. We find out how they overcome these issues.

Key Points


  • Fragmented infrastructure
  • Lack of STP
  • High maintenance costs and resource requirements
  • Security concerns


  • Rationalise and standardise bank connectivity
  • Achieve high level of STP
  • Automate and standardise payment and account reporting processes
  • Comply with internal and external regulations
  • Meet stringent security requirements
  • Harness vendor expertise and avoid the need to dedicate resources to system maintenance


  • Acquired a credible and reliable partner through TIS
  • Visibility over payment processes, cash flow status and cash position
  • Compliance with internal and external audit requirements
  • Ability to scale up the treasury operations and adapt to changing regulatory and market conditions


Written by

Andreas Lützelschwab


Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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