Nurturing Talent to Promote Treasury Excellence

Following Borealis' success in winning the 2014 TMI Corporate Recognition Award for Innovation and Excellence in Treasury Transformation, we are delighted to continue a series of articles that outline some of the success factors in Borealis' journey towards treasury excellence, featuring Jan-Martin Nufer, Director of Treasury & Funding.

Key Points

  • Talent, leadership and expert development programmes
  • Open feeback and evaluation
  • Detailed succession planning
  • Deepening talent and experience within the treasury team
  • Building a consistent culture
  • Balancing the needs of professionals who intend a career in treasury and those who are gaining treasury experience on the way to a wider career in finance
  • Ensuring communication across the entire team in all geographic locations


Written by

Jan-Martin Nufer
Director of Treasury & Funding

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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