Cash & Liquidity Management Series

This series of articles contains a selection of digital corporate case studies designed to give you a complete overview of cash & liquidity management. Many corporates from various industries share their cash & liquidity challenges and solutions in a series providing a thorough read for those wanting to understand the foundations of treasury management.

Please note: Every article in this series is also included in the Unlimited Case Studies offer.

Featured Articles:

1. Grupa Żywiec:
Enhancing Efficiency and Risk Management in Cash Collection

2. Johnson Controls:
Addressing Cash Management Complexity in Turkey Through a One Bank Strategy

CAREful Approach to Cash Management

4. SAP AG & Merck KGaA:
Capital Structure, Cost of Capital and Financial Flexibility

5. Danfoss:
Optimising Payments and Cash Management with SAP and SWIFT

6. ALTANA Group:
Cash Visibility & Efficiency at ALTANA

7. Willis Group:
Creating Value through Pro-active Capital Management

8. Weir Group PLC:
Leveraging US Private Placements to Drive Growth

9. Merck KGaA:
Rapid Response to Achieving Cash Management Objectives

10. Sandvik:
Achieving Operational and Financial Efficiency in Treasury

11. AkzoNobel:
Streamlining Cash Management in a Decentralised Global Company

12. TMI:
Have you Caught the Cash Management Bug?

13. Standard & Poor's Rating Services:
Europe's Mid-Market Explores New Funding Sources

14. Heidelberg Cement:
Cash Pooling Past, Present and Future

15. Zachry Industrial Inc:
Payments Outsourcing for Cost Savings and Revenue Generation

16. Vivartia:
Enhancing Performance through Business Continuity Planning

17. TMI:
Shifting Sands of International Trade

18. Union Pacific Railroad:
Building a World-Class Cheque Processing Capability

19. Brady Corporation:
Centralisation for Enhancing Financial Performance

20. Hewlett Packard:
Deregulation Drives Change in Liquidity Management in China

21. Borealis Group:
Leveraging Transformation to Enhance Treasury's Value Proposition

22. TMI:
The End of Cash Pooling?

23. Acarate Consulting:
SFTZ for Liquidity Management

24. REL:
Capture the Elusive Unbilled Receivables

25. TMI:
A New Beginning for European Payements

26. Brocade:
Cash Management Optimisation

27. TMI:
Against the Odds: Removing Barriers to Optimising Liquidity

28. Lennox International:
Dynamic Credit Collections to Slash Bad Debt

29. Ericsson:
Prioritising Working Capital

30. F. Hoffman-La Roche:
Globalising Cash Management at Roche

31. TMI:
The Future of Transaction Banking

32. Linmar Corporation:
Optimising Cash & Liquidity Management in Europe

33. AkzoNobel:
Dancing to the Local Beat

34. Wolseley:
Continuing Wolseley’s Treasury Transformation

35. UN World Food Programme:
Managing Treasury in the Global Fight Against Hunger

36. Albemarle:
Fast Track to Liquidity Optimisation

37. Pirelli:
Building a Global Payments Factory at Pirelli

38. Arup:
A Flagship Project to Unlock RMB Onshore Liquidity

39. Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd:
How Sany is Managing Rapid International Growth

40. General Mills:
Building a Global Treasury Enterprise

41. Deutsche Post DHL Group:
Becoming an e-Commerce Centre of Excellence

42. Adient plc:
Global Cash Management: the Challenges of Multicurrency Operations

43. TreasuryOne:
In-House Banking No Longer Too Expensive or Complicated 

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