Tax & Accounting Series

This series of digital articles contains a selection of corporate case studies on a range of accounting methods, tax compliance advice and, of course, treasury insight. Suitable for all levels of expertise, these articles are written by industry professionals on the subjects of their past challenges and how they overcame them.

Please note: Every article in this series is also included in the Unlimited Case Studies membership.

Featured Articles:

1. Lufthansa:
Adopting a Rule-Based Approach to Hedging

2. San Pablo University:
What's Behind the Tobin or 'Robin Hood' Tax Rate?

3. RTL Group:
Shifting Shades of Grey - A New Era for the Treasurer's Job

4. RTL Group:
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about EMIR Reporting

5. RTL Group:
IFRS 13: When Counterparty Risk Hits Your Bottom Line

6. RTL Group:
Deciding to Hedge

7. RTL Group:
Be Ready! Internal Controls in Treasury Departments

8. RTL Group:
OTC Derivatives: a Victory or Battle Lost?

9. RTL Group:
Give it or Steal it Back

10. RTL Group:
Whether or Not to Collateralise the Hedging Process: That is the Question

11. RTL Group:
IFRS 9: The Long Awaited Accounting Standard

12. RTL Group:
Will the Cavalry Arrive in Time?

13. Dong Energy:
From Hedge Accounting to Strategic Hedging

14. RTL Group:
IAS 39 Hedge Accounting: For Better of For Worse?

15. RTL Group:
One Year On - EMIRage or and EMIRate?

16. RTL Group:
Treasurers, Do you Have Any BEPS?

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