Financial Technology Series

Designed to give you an overview of financial technology, this series of digital articles contains a selection of case studies from the unique perspective of the corporate treasurer.

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Featured Articles:

1. RTL Group:
Back to the Future: a New Generation for TMS

2. UCB:
Optimising Payments through a Payments-on-behalf of Model

3. SWIFT for Corporates:
Standardisation, Security and Integrity through SWIFT

4. SWIFT for Corporates:
Enhancing Financial and Operational Efficiency with SWIFT: a Middle East Perspective

5. TMI:
Treasury Technology: There's an App for that

6. Kyriba:
Why Cloud Matters to Treasury

7. Elkem:
Building a World-Class Treasury Function

8. Nissan:
Purchase to Pay Automation at Nissan Europe

9. SunGard's AvantGard:
Automation: the Key to Growth and Success

10. Thames Water:
Speeding the Invoice Flow at Thames Water

11. Huawei:
Fuelling Global Growth with SWIFT

12. RTL Group:
A Treasury Wish List

13. Agrium Inc:
Improving Communication to Deliver Greater Value

14. Lafarge:
A Bespoke Approach to Personal Digital Signatures

15. ITV Plc:
Implementing SWIFTNet as Part of an Efficient Treasury Infrastructure

16. Thomas Cook:
Streamlining Confirmation Matching at Thomas Cook

17. AstraZeneca:
Implementing Technology to De-Risk Treasury

18. Celio International:
Building a Treasury Function to Support Business Growth

19. USI Holdings:
Pioneering eBAM for Efficiency and Control

20. Celesio AG:
Better Information - Better Decisions

21. RTL Group:
eBAM a Banking Connectivity Fantasy?

22. Hanse Orga International:
Efficient Cash Flow Forecasting - a Best Practice Guide

23. TMI:
TMS: Channel for Innovation

24. Borealis:
Treasury Insourcing as a Catalyst for Treasury Transformation

25. Brightstar:
A Brighter Future for Treasury Automation and Visibility

26. RTL Group:
The Need for New e-Payment Methods

27. Air Berlin:
Leveraging Technology to Create the Treasury of the Future

28. RTL Group:
A Single Integrated Report

29. FTA:
FTA Enhances Payments and Collections with New IT Systems

30. F.Hoffmann-La Roche:
Pioneering MT5XX Messaging for Confirmation Matching

31. Heidelberger Druckmanschinen:
Technology Transformation as a Catalyst for Treasury Excellence

32. Swissgrid:
Building Capacity across the Treasury Grid

33. AstraZeneca:
Realising the Benefit of Online Dealing Portals

34. Acarate Consulting:
CIPS - China's Hybrid Net Settlement Clearing System

35. Roche:
A Pioneer of Treasury Efficiency and Automation

36. Dassault Systémes:
Digitisation for Best-in-Class Treasury Management

37. Etihad Airways:
Take-off for Etihad Airways' Payment Solution

38. Mettalis:
How Fintech Helped Mettalis to Prosper in Difficult Times

39. Lufthansa:
Lufthansa's Flight to Payments Quality

40. Autoneum:
The Power of Centralisation at Autoneum

41. Rémy Cointreau:
Implementing Technology to Achieve Group Strategy

42. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Nederland BV:
Adopting a Strategy-Driven Approach to Credit & Collections

43. CLP Holdings Limited
Generating Value through Treasury Technology at CLP

44. Inchcape Shipping Services
Centralisation, Digitisation and Automation - A story of Treasury Transformation

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