Efficient Cash Flow Forecasting - a Best-Practice Guide

There is great potential for corporations to increase financial performance by optimising their cash flow forecasting. Analysis within our client community highlights that through the implementation of best practices, organisations know exactly where their cash is, are able to optimise their cash, and can manage liquidity risk more effectively.

Specialised technology helps corporates to leverage significant efficiency gains. Manual tasks in the collection of data and in reporting are reduced through highly automated processes, and corporations achieve true global visibility of their cash and forecasting objectives.

Key Points

  • Securing corporate liquidity
  • Optimising working capital management
  • Getting the optimal level of liquidity right
  • Improving credit ratings
  • The corporate situation today
  • Benefits of specialised technology
  • Checklist for selecting specialised cash forecasting solutions


Written by

Mary Ann Rydel
Director of Product and Consumer Support
Hanse Orga International

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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