From RTC to GTC? Treasury Centres in Asia Pacific Going Global

Treasury centralisation is nothing new, and is typically considered a best practice for many industries, depending on their business model and culture. However, when looking at Asia, the role, and prominence, of regional treasury centres (RTCs) is changing.

As the three key themes of globalisation, digitisation and regulatory liberalisation continue, the need and ability for RTCs to deliver value to their organisations is increasing. As Asia's contribution towards global revenues continue to grow, could these RTCs become the global treasury centres of the future?

Key Points

  • A new generation of treasury centres in Asia Pacific
  • Factors in treasury centralisation
  • Locating the RTC
  • Evolving regional and global responsibilities
  • Reducing complexity, achieving efficiency
  • Creating partnerships
  • The global centres of the future?


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International

Strategic Treasury Series (32 articles)


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