Pioneering MT5XX Messaging for Confirmation Matching

By leveraging existing tools and relying on internal resources to undertake this pioneering project, Roche enhanced the automation, workflow and controls over confirmation matching and reconciliation process without the need for major investment.

Key Points

  • As Roche's deal volumes increased, the company decided it needed an alternative to its matching process, and it also had to comply with the Dodd-Frank and EMIR reporting and reconcilliation requirements
  • Roche chose to leverage existing treasury technology infrastructure by implementing the 'correspondence monitor' for SWIFT message generation and matching, and was a pilot customer for this solution, participating in its development
  • The company has automated confirmation of FX and money market transactions, and has been able to extend the value of its SAP and SWIFT-based solutions with the major benefits of scalable, robust and controlled processes in the back office, providing a firm foundation for future improvements


Written by

Marco Brähler
Head of Treasury Back Office
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

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