A Brighter Future for Treasury Automation and Visibility

Brightstar's teasury team is centrally based in Miami, Florida and has overall group treasury responsibility in addition to supporting regional treasury requirements for North America.

Outside North America, treasury is largely decentralised, with treasury managers operating in most major markets. This article outlines their treasury challenges and automation successes.

Key Points

  • As the scale and complexity of Brightstar's treasury operations increased, the company needed a new treasury technology infrastructure
  • After reviewing its existing TMS and questions of bank connectivity, Brightstar decided to implement SWIFT, which fulfilled its criteria and could be integrated with internal systems
  • Implementation was done in phases to align with ERP roll-out
  • The company is working closely with SWIFT and SunGard to equip its treasury team with the tools necessary to support long-term business strategy


Written by

Amanda Pilipovic
Assistant Corporate Treasurer

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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