Fundamentals of Corporate Treasury Management

Our Fundamentals of Corporate Treasury Management course offers you or your team the chance to fully acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of corporate treasury.

This digital bundle contains a mixture of an eLearning course, and How to Guides designed to give the user a holistic approach to the beginnings of treasury management. On completion you will also receive a certificate which could become useful in future career development opportunities.

This collection contains:

1. The Principles of Corporate Treasury:
60 slide presentation complete with audio and regular self testing opportunities 

2. Introduction to Cash & Liquidity Management:
Key Topics: Bank Accounts - Cash Pooling & Sweeping - Cash Positioning

3. Introduction to Managing Risk:
Key Topics: Risk Management Approach - Liquidity Risk - Currency Risk

4. Introduction to Cash Flow Forecasting:
Key Topics: Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting - Types of Forecast - Addressing the Challenges

5. Introduction to Treasury Technology :
Key Topics: Role of the TMS - Cash Management Banks - Internal Systems

TMI Academy Certificate awarded on completion:

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Compiled By: 

  Helen Sanders: 

Editor of Treasury Management International (TMI).