Treasury Technology

This module concentrates on treasury management systems, often referred to as TMS, which form the core of the treasury technology infrastructure, and the interaction between the TMS and both internal and external systems. 

The degree of technological sophistication in a treasury function will depend on its scale and complexity, but there are few treasury departments today that do not use specialist technology for cash and treasury management. 

Whatever the size, complexity and degree of centralisation in a company's treasury technology infrastructure, the purpose of the systems used in treasury is the same: that is, to provide efficiency, control and transparency over processes and decision-making in treasury.

Key Topics:

1. The Role of Treasury Management Systems
Efficiency - Control - Transparency

2. Treasury Management System/ERP
TMS Vendors - Responsibility - Complexity

3. Cash Management Banks
Bank Proprietary Systems - Multi Bank Communication Protocol - SWIFT

4. Business Units/Subsidiaries
Requesting Deals - Confirm Deals - Statements

5. ERP/Internal Systems
Information - Two-way Integration - Integrate Data

6. Exercises
Complete our bespoke exercises to benchmark your knowledge

Treasury Technology


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