Money Market Funds in a Changing World: A Portal Perspective

The money market fund (MMF) industry is about to go through a period of significant transition driven by both impending regulatory change and a sustained period of very low interest rates. However, whilst the main options for change have been widely publicised and debated, both fund providers and investors remain unclear about precisely how they will be implemented, when they will be introduced and how consistent they will be across the US onshore and offshore funds domiciled in the EU. Nor do they know how long low interest rates will be around and how much and how quickly they will rise when this does eventually happen.

Key Points

  • Changes to existing funds
  • Introduction of new types of funds
  • Investment product diversification
  • Fee waivers
  • Market consolidation


Written by

Justin Meadows
Founder and Chief Executive

Investment Series (8 articles)


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