Shifting Shades of Grey

We all firmly believe that the Treasurer's job has changed over these last five years. However it looks as if we are moving into a new phase of change and evolution for the job, a phase tinged with shades of grey.

Transactions are becoming more complex and processes more burdensome because of new regulations. Treasurers are battling to comply with these regulations and no longer have time to devote to tasks with a higher value added. This perhaps is the biggest challenge in the immediate future, not the regulations themselves.

Key Points

  • It is no easy task to ‘sell’ such projects to management since they are of no use from the operational point of view, but have a cost in terms of time, resources and money
  • Our work in fact no longer involves management. We administer and report, yes – but as for managing?
  • We have moved into a new era for the treasurer’s job.
  • Many external factors have made the treasurer’s job more complicated over the last few years


Written by

François Masquelier
Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury, RTL Group, and Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers
RTL Group

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