Beyond Treasury: A Service Provider to the Business

In 2007 Roche developed a global treasury organisation, with a close collaboration between treasury and IT. Since then, Roche has successfully optimised many of its treasury processes and developed its in-house bank into a payment factory.

In this article, having achieved a world-class treasury operation, the authors discuss how they have now extended treasury's activities further across the business, beyond treasury.

Key Points

  • In July 2007 the authors described Roche’s approach to treasury, and in this article they discuss developments since that time
  • An in-house bank has been established, bank relationships rationalised, cash pooling implemented and a global bank communication based on SWIFTNet set up
  • The key enablers for the success of the treasury optimisation are itemised
  • Service provision, supplier financing data screening and payroll are described and future plans outlined


Written by

Martin Schlageter
Head of Treasury Operations
F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Corporate Finance Series (16 articles)


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