Enhancing Financial and Operational Efficiency with SWIFT: A Middle East Perspective

Corporations headquartered in regions such as North America, Europe and to some extent Asia are familiar with the opportunities that SWIFT offers for efficient, bank-neutral bank connectivity to support their cash and risk management objectives. In regions such as Middle East, the value of centralised cash and treasury management functions, and sophisticated technology to support them, is also now becoming more apparent.

Consequently, companies headquartered in the Middle East are now implementing new processes and technology, while multinationals that have not extended these structures to the region are now doing so as their Middle Eastern business reaches a critical mass. This article considers some of the cash and treasury management priorities amongst companies in the Middle East, and the ways in which they are using technology to support these objectives.

Key Points

  • Cash and treasury management priorities
  • Drivers of SWIFT adoption
  • Connectivity opportunities
  • Bank support for corporate objectives
  • Future developments


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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