Developing a Post-Crisis Investment Strategy

Ahold Group’s treasury department has been instrumental in steering the company through turbulent times over the last 10 years. As a cash-rich business with a large investment portfolio, one of the outcomes of this has been an efficient and sophisticated approach to cash investment.

In this article, Gavin Jones, VP Treasury, Royal Ahold discusses how the company’s investment strategy has evolved and where the industry may be leading.

Key Points

  • After selling its food service business in the US in 2007 the firm carried out a ‘root and branch’ examination of its investment policy
  • Investment products are reviewed twice yearly and the investment portfolio at least weekly
  • Investment now favours alternative products over MMFs
  • Ahold is closely engaged with its banks to provide feedback on new product concepts


Written by

Gavin Jones
Vice-President of Treasury
Royal Ahold NV

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