Taming the Risk Dragon

As companies of all sizes extend their activities in emerging markets of Asia, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and, in the future, sub-Saharan Africa, the risk beast’s fire-breathing potential becomes far more apparent.

This article, featuring comment and insight from Dennis Sweeney, Managing Director and Treasury Solutions Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, considers some of the additional risk management issues that treasurers need to consider when expanding their business activities into 'emerging' markets.

Key Points

  • Risk management as part of a corporate expansion strategy
  • Where to start in a new market
  • Channelling cash, reducing exposure
  • Emerging Market Risk Checklist
  • A multitude of currencies
  • Wider business risks
  • Maintaining operational and financial integrity
  • Taking the lead in risk management


Written by

Helen Sanders
Treasury Management International

Risk Management Series (30 articles)


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