Purchase to Pay Automation at Nissan Europe

Nissan Europe is a major subsidiary of the Nissan Motor Company, Ltd and is a key contributor to the company’s objective to achieve global market share of 8% and an 8% increase in operating profit by 2016. In addition to developing and distributing innovative and well-designed vehicles that meet customers’ needs, the company is committed to enhancing its internal processes to increase efficiency whilst also reducing costs wherever possible.

This study outlines some of the initiatives that Nissan Europe is undertaking to achieve its financial process efficiency objectives, under the banner of the Finance Breakthrough Project, one of the first components of which has been purchase-to-pay.

Key Points

  • Nissan decided it needed a strategically focused project to standardise processes and develop a single view of its financial activities in Europe
  • This was named the Finance Breakthrough Project
  • Wax Digital web3 was chosen as the cloud-based purchasing system
  • The article describes the implementation of Nissan’s pilot P2P project including challenges and how they were overcome


Written by

Michael Brook
Finance Process Control Leader
Nissan Europe

Financial Technology Series (49 articles)


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