SWIFT for Treasury Investments at Intel

Intel has been involved with SWIFT for many years to manage large receivables on which we needed detailed remittance information. We have also been active in promoting and formulating new messaging standards through RosettaNet, with the ultimate outcome of ISO 20022 financial messaging.

With this heritage and industry insight, we wanted to leverage some of the opportunities that were available for more efficient payments, securities management and reporting. We therefore decided to implement SWIFTNet for high value payments and securities in the treasury investments area.

Key Points

  • Intel was heavily involved in the RosettaNet community to promote standardisation using XML for financial messaging
  • Recently, treasury implemented a new TMS, SunGard’s AvantGard, which provided the opportunity to replace existing proprietary solutions and interfaces with SWIFT connectivity
  • Intel uses SunGard’s service bureau, which has proved a very convenient means of connecting to SWIFT
  • In the future, Intel is likely to migrate to ISO 20022 financial messages, and already use an early version of the standard


Written by

Don Davis
Treasury Project Manager

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