Revisiting Financial Market Risk Management in the Corporate World

One of the key objectives of any business is optimising returns in the face of various risks, and every business attempts to find the right balance between the two. Financial markets as a whole are an important risk factor that companies need to consider as they become increasingly sensitive to global macroeconomic events. The increased votality is a source of both opportunities and threats which need to be formally identified, assessed and managed.

Much has been written on the subject of risk management so in this article we've decided to discuss the building blocks for implementing an effective financial risk management programme in the corporate setting.

Key Points

  • Where do you start?
  • How should companies respond?
  • So, why hedge?
  • What do you hedge?
  • How do you hedge?
  • Other issues to consider


Written by

Mutsai Mutambanengwe
Head of Risk and Structuring
Andisa Treasury Solutions

Risk Management Series (30 articles)


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